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Hairstyles for Brides and Bridal Parties

3 Things To Avoid Right After Your Wax

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If you have made the decision to have some of your body hair removed with wax, you are probably looking forward to being hair-free without worrying about shaving for a while. However, you might be worried about redness or other issues after the fact. If you follow these tips and avoid certain things after waxing, however, you can help prevent redness and other issues. 1. The Sun You might want to head to the pool so that you can show off your fresh, hair-free legs, but it’s best to stay out of the sun for the rest of the day if you can help it. You could be more prone to a heat rash or other issues because your hair follicles will be opened and your skin will be a bit more sensitive than usual. If you do have to go out into the sun, stay underneath an umbrella or wear loose clothing that covers your newly-waxed skin. 2. Swimming If you are getting your legs waxed so that you’ll look great when you’re on vacation, make sure that you have it done a day or so in advance. This is because it’s best to avoid swimming — or hanging out in hot tubs — for a while after your skin is waxed. The chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can get into your hair follicles and can cause irritation. Even salt water can irritate freshly-washed skin, so you’ll want to stay out of the ocean for a day or so as well. 3. Lotions and Perfumes You might be tempted to slather on your favorite lotion onto your freshly waxed legs, but you should avoid doing so. The fragrances and other ingredients in your lotion could irritate your skin while it is so sensitive. You should also be careful about spritzing on body spray or perfume. There is one thing that you can apply to your freshly-waxed skin to help encourage healing, however — tea tree oil. Simply apply a little bit to affected skin with a cotton ball. Having your unwanted body hair waxed can be an excellent option for hair removal. However, you do have to take good care of your skin afterward if you want to avoid redness, bumps and irritation. Follow these tips and any aftercare tips that you might be given at the salon, and you should be able to enjoy your freshly-waxed skin without any issues. Talk to a business like Audra’s Image & Wellness Day Spa brazilian waxing to learn...

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3 Easy Ways To Add A Little Style To Your Ponytail

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If you always seem to be pulling your hair back into a ponytail, add a little style to your daily routine with one these easy ponytail modifications. It will only take a few extra minutes to try out one of these ponytail modifications. The Wrap Around One of the easiest ways to change-up your ponytail routine is with the wrap around. All you have to do is make your ponytail like usual, but keep out a one-inch section of hair right under your ponytail. After you have secured your ponytail, take that one-inch section of hair and wrap it around your ponytail a couple of times. Secure it with a bobby pin once you can’t wrap it anymore. This will hide the rubber band keeping your hair in place, and will make it look like you secured your ponytail with your hair. It’s simple and stylish all at once, and it will only take an extra minute to do. The Wraparound Bow For this hairstyle, you will first follow all the directions above for the wrap around. Once you have secured the wrap-around, you are going to take two small sections of hair, about a half-inch to an inch wide, from inside of your ponytail. These sections should be from the top of your ponytail. Once you have a hold of the two sections, you are basically just going to make a bow. Take one section and make a loop. Then wrap the other section of hair around the loop to create two separate loops. Then, use a hairpin to secure the loop in place. This will make it look like you have a bow, made out of your hair, at the top of your ponytail. Once again, this extra addition will only take another minute or so to complete, and will give your hair a more finished and polished look. Puff Ponytail If you want something that looks more complicated and stylish, and have five or ten minutes to dedicate towards styling your hair, try out this puff, braid, and pony combo hairstyle. Brush your hair back. Take the first two or three inches on both sides of your part and pull it back. Take that section and push it forward about an inch to create a “puff” and pin it in place. You should still have a couple of inches of hair on both sides of your head. Take the hair on the right side and French braid it till it reaches the back of your head, and then secure it loosely with a rubber band. Take the hair on the left side of your face and French braid it as well till it reaches the back of your hair. You don’t have to pull all of your hair into the French braid. Take both French braids, as well as any hair that is still down, and secure it with a rubber band in a low pony tail. If you want, you can even finish off this look with a little wrap around the ponytail. This will create a stylish and sophisticated updo that will only take you less than ten minutes to complete. If you want to add a little style to your routine, try one of the easy ponytail modifications listed above. If you want...

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How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful And Healthy

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Most people want beautiful, healthy skin that is youthful and radiant. In some ways, your skin is determined by genetics, but there are some things that everyone can do to get their best skin. Here are four simple things that you can do to keep your skin looking amazing: 1. Cleanse your skin twice per day. Splashing water on your face in the morning might be enough for you. It will refresh you and perk your skin up, without stripping your skin of moisture. Choose a suitable cleanser for your skin type for nighttime use. Take off any makeup with your makeup remover of choice before washing your face. Hydrating cleansers are creamy and are gentler for dry skin types. Foaming cleansers are a good choice for acne-prone or oily skin. 2. Moisturize every day. Well-hydrated skin looks radiant and healthy, instead of dry and dull. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Those with dry or dehydrated skin will need heavier, thicker moisturizers; night creams are a good choice for this skin type.  People with normal or combination skin can instead opt for a light daytime moisturizer. Even people with oily skin need to moisturize every day! Dehydrated skin can sometimes overproduce oil, so keeping your skin moisturized may even reduce your skin’s oil production. 3. Keep tabs on your moles and birthmarks. Most dermatologists recommend that you get checked out once per year. A dermatologist can keep tabs on any moles that look like they might be at risk for developing into skin cancer. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, you should look out for moles that have irregular borders, are of an uneven color, or that change over time. If you have a mole that may be considered high-risk, your dermatologist may want to remove it. Mole removal can be done quickly and with minimal pain. It can also be performed by trained professionals for cosmetic reasons. 4. Wear sunscreen. Wear sunscreen every single day, even when it’s cloudy and overcast outside! UV rays can penetrate through cloud cover to reach your skin, and UV damage is cumulative over time. Wearing sunscreen daily is a good way to protect your skin and keep it looking youthful and radiant for years to come. Not only is sunscreen good for your complexion, but it also reduces your risk of developing skin cancer.  Taking good care of your skin is an important part of maintaining your health. Healthy skin looks gorgeous and feels soft and radiant. By following these four steps of a basic skincare routine, you can achieve clear, youthful skin. Contact professionals, such as those from Calgary Laser Health & Beauty Centre, for further...

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Most Common Questions Concerning Laser Hair Removal On The Face

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As a woman, there are places where you would expect hair to grow, but when unwanted hair starts showing up on your face, it can be a hairy situation for sure. It is no secret that laser hair removal is one of the best ways to rid your body of unwanted hair. However, when dealing with a part of your body that is always exposed, any form treatment with the term “laser” in it can leave you with a lot of questions and concerns. Here are a few of the most common. Will laser hair removal leave evidence or discoloration behind? When most people imagine laser hair removal, they picture a utensil with an oddly shaped head shooting high temperature beams of light. However, what actually takes place during laser hair removal is much different. The laser used during treatment is only targeting the hair follicle with pinpoint accuracy. The surface of your skin is not treated at all. Therefore, there will be no long-term scarring or discoloration of the skin’s pigmentation. What if you just want to reduce the thickness of hair in a certain area? It is not an uncommon request for patients to want hair in a certain area of their face to be less dense, such as around their upper lip or along their sideburns. Even thick peach fuzz can be unsightly. During laser treatment, it is completely possible to thin out some of this hair. In fact, hair can be targeted in a way that will make each strand grow less thick and bristly, even if it is not altogether eliminated. Will your face have to heal after laser hair removal? The healing time after laser hair removal is minimal. Most people will experience a slight redness or puffiness around a treated hair follicle, but the slight inflammation will normally disappear within a few days, and is easy to sooth with witch hazel or other naturally anti-inflammatory solutions. Ice can also be used to alleviate the pink toned skin after a treatment. If you are looking to eliminate unwanted hair on your face, laser hair removal treatment is one of the best options. Shaving can often make the issue worse and plucking hair on your own with tweezers can be not just time-consuming, but painful as well. Make sure you talk openly with your hair removal technician about any concerns you have. For more information, contact a clinic such as Calgary Vein & Laser Skin Care...

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