Are You Ready To Share Your Knowledge Of Beauty With The World? 3 Things To Do To Become A Cosmetology Instructor

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A career in cosmetology can lead you down many paths, and one way to capitalize on all of your years of experience is to share it with new stylists who are just beginning their careers. While you know that a change of pace is necessary for your happiness, you might still be unsure of how to proceed with becoming a teacher. As you get ready for the next stage in your life, use these tips to become a cosmetology teacher.

23 January 2018

3 Flattering Women's Dresses To Wear When You Are Pregnant

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A lot of women don't like looking for clothes when they are pregnant because they fear that they will not look very flattering on them. Thankfully, this doesn't have to be the case at all. It can be quite the opposite if the right clothes are purchased. When it comes to flattering maternity clothing, dresses are an excellent option. There are several different cuts and styles of dresses to choose from and some are not only comfortable, but look great on your growing belly.

20 December 2017

Three Ways To Prepare When You'll Be Wearing A Revealing Wedding Dress


Do you plan on wearing a wedding dress that shows a bit more skin than is traditional? Flaunting your best features is your prerogative on your wedding day, but it can also leave you feeling a bit self-conscious if you're not happy with your appearance. To ensure you look and feel as stunning as possible, follow these three tips to prepare in advance for your revealing wedding dress. Get laser hair removal.

1 November 2017

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots And Prevent Them

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Dark spots can happen to your face over time from a few different factors. Hormones play a role, but so does the sun and any acne issues as well. These dark spots can sometimes be covered with makeup, but they can be a bit of a pain to have to deal with. Lightening the dark spots is the best solution, and preventing them from returning (or new ones from occurring). See below for tips on how to get rid of your dark spots and prevention tips:

20 September 2017

No Pain, No Shave: 7 Ways To Make Waxing Less Painful

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Now that you've purchased your first waxing kit, you are probably tempted to try it right away. The truth is that there are a few ways to prepare for waxing at home. Waxing has a reputation for being a painful process, but it does not have to be when you take a few steps to prepare.  1. Cool Down the Wax First When you are waxing more sensitive areas, like the bikini line, hot wax can feel much more intense.

28 July 2017

3 Tips For Caring For A Human Hair Wig

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Having a wig that is made completely out of human hair is an excellent investment, if for one reason or another, your regular hair is non-existent, thinning, balding, etc. However, because a human hair wig is made out of real hair, it is important that you treat the wig much like you would your natural hair. This will ensure that your wig stays looking good and that it will last you for a long time.

6 June 2017

Could You Be Suffering From Skin Cancer?

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Skin cancer is a serious and sometimes even deadly condition that affects many people in the United States. Fortunately, though, in most cases, skin cancer can usually be easily treated as long as it is caught in the early stages. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the warning signs of skin cancer, especially if you are at a higher risk for skin cancer due to heredity or other factors.

28 April 2017